Why We Do It

Dedicated to You

At Delaney Delaney & Voorn Ltd, our skilled and passionate Elder Law attorneys are highly dedicated to the welfare and interests of our clients. Ensuring that elders receive the best possible personal and financial care has become a way of life for us and we are devoted to every aspect of our job.

Our friendly approach and hard work has enabled us to become the most trusted Elder Law attorneys in the industry and we take great pride in our outstanding reputation. We treat all our clients individually, ensuring that the correct procedures are applied for your specific circumstances.

Dedicated to the Job

Our  Elder Law attorneys go beyond the duties of their jobs to ensure that the highest level of care is provided for you. We are not happy unless you are happy and we endeavour to improve the lives of each and every client. Our attorneys not only practice, but also share their Elder Law expertise in order for the next generation of Elder Law attorneys to continue with the excellent assistance that we provide.

“Our Slogan is ‘Restoring Peace of Mind.’ It is entirely appropriate to what we do.”- Michael DeLaney.

We take care to make ourselves familiar with any new changes to do with Elder Law so that you will never have any questions unanswered and we treat every aspect if our jobs with dilegence and precision.

Dedicated to Success

Being successful is simply not good enough for us; we want to change the lives of elders for the long – term. Too many people suffer through a lack of help and our mission is to make that a thing of the past. We will continue to provide the best and most up – to – date information available in order to relieve the stress at this difficult time.

Our Elder Law attorneys understand that for the majority of you, dealing with Elder Law issues will always cause a degree of upset, but we will continually assist in making it easier; that is our promise.